Field Trips for 2018

Please note – Date and Locations can change due to weather conditions or our availability, make sure to check just before a trip to see if it is still on. Also, if you are wanting to come make sure you contact Terry Folks at 208-316-7451 or email tfolks1996@yahoo.com beforehand so we have you on the list for notifications. If unable to contact Terry, please contact President Jon Cromer at 208-308-3364 or email rokcutter@hotmail.com

  • April 21st Wendover, Utah (day trip)
  • May 19th Graveyard Point, Oregon
  • June 15th-17th Topaz Mt, UT
  • June ? Dismal Swamp, Featherville, ID
  • July 13th-15th Challis, ID
  • August 10th-12th Crystal Park, Montana
  • September 21st-23rd Little Wood Reservoir
  • October 29th Texas Springs, Jackpot, NV

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