About Us

The purpose of the Magic Valley Gem Club is to promote the study of mineralogy, allied Earth Sciences, Lapidary and Faceting Arts.

The education and dissemination of information to its membership and the general public via activities and training is the club’s mission. The Club adheres to the American Federation of Mineralogical Societies Code of Ethics.

Magic Valley Gem Club
PO Box 725
Twin Falls, ID 83303


  1. Reply
    Harwood Goodwin March 23, 2015

    Are there club members that cut stones?

  2. Reply
    Shirley Metts July 29, 2015

    Yes, three are members who cut stones. What kind of stone do you need cut and how big is it. Sorry about the delay, I thought someone else was handling these messages.

  3. Reply
    Shirley Metts August 12, 2015

    Yes there are. Call Jon Cromer at 308-3364

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